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There has been some changes to our Bus Route Schedules (link below).  Please check posted route sheets for more information.
Route #1   will be re-routed in Telkwa to pick up all Smithers bound students off of Telkwa High Road and Babine Lake Road.  This bus will no longer services Laidlaw Frontage Road.  Those students have been moved to bus # 7.  Route #2 now picks up all students living on Lake Kathlyn Road and Frebur Road.  Route #3 will be stopping at Powell Frontage Rd and Dawson's Lane.  Route #7 will continue to provide service to Telkwa bound students on the Telkwa High Road but will return to Smithers via Highway 16.  Route # 7 now provides service to Laidlaw Frontage Road.  Route # 14  will no longer provides service to Dogwood/Cottonwood.  Route 18 will service this stop now.    Route #14 will travel to Telkwa school via Coalmine Rd and service the Community Bus stop and the Old Fire Hall.  Route #16 Hwy 16/Regina/Lund, Hwy 16/Banff and Hwy 16 and Anderson have been moved to Route #27.  Route #18 will now service students at Dogwood/Cottonwood street.  Route #25 will no longer service Stn Road.  Route #25 will turn onto Beaver Rd and service all students living on Beaver Rd, Grace Lane and Fisherman Rd. Route #26 will service all students living on Stn Rd, Seaton, Russell and Park.  Route #27 will no longer service Stn Road but will provide all service to Moricetown Loop Road.  Route #27 will also be providing service to Ridge/Alder.  You can find the bus routes on the School District Webpage