Safety Program

Section 1: Roles and Responsibilities


Mission Statement
Roles & Responsibilities Program


Section 2: Inspections


Inspections Program
Maintenance-Monthly Site Inspection Checklist
Inspections Appendix Pages
Middle & Secondary School Site Inspection Checklist


Section 3: Supplementary Instructions


Assignment of Prime Contractor
SD54 External Contractor
Safety Chain of Command Flow Charts
Supplementary Instructions Program

3.6.1 PPE Program

3.7.1 Biohazardous Materials Program


3.7.2 CSE Program


3.7.5 Fall Protection Program

3.7.7 Violence in the Workplace


3.7.8 Working Alone or in Isolation

Section 4: Hazard Identification Process


Appendix 1 - Job Hazard Analysis Worksheet
Appendix 3 - MSI Risk Assessment Worksheets
Custodial Ergonomic Assessment
Hazard Assessment Process
Hazard Identification Process Appendix Pages


Section 5: Investigation of Incidents


Appendix 1 - Employer Incident Investigation Report Form
Appendix 2 - Witness Statement Form
Appendix 3 - Incident Sketch Map
Appendix 4 - Sequence of Events Record
Investigation of Incidents
Investigations Appendix Pages
Major Incident Report Form

Worker's Report of Injury or Occupational Disease to Employer- WSBC Form 6A 

Section 6: Investigation of Incidents 


Appendix 1 - Monthly Injury Summary
Appendix 2 - Annual Injury Summary
Records and Statistics Appendix Pages
Records and Statistics


Section 7: Joint OH&S Committees


Appendix 1 - Joint OH&S Agenda
Appendix 2 - Joint OH&S Committee Minutes
Joint OH&S Committee Appendix Pages
Joint OH&S Committees
Terms of Reference - Worksite Committee


Section 8: Instruction of Workers


Appendix 1 - Worker Orientation Checklist
Appendix 2 - Acknowledgement of Training
Appendix 3 - Employee Developement Record
Appendix Pages
Instruction of Workers


Section 9: First Aid

Appendix 1 - First Aid Services and Equipment Inventory
Appendix 2 - First Aid Attendant Inventory
Appendix 3 - Summoning First Aid
Appendix 4 - First Aid Equipment Inspection Report
Appendix Pages
First Aid Program


Section 10: Hazardous Materials and Substances


Hazardous Materials and Substances
Hazardous Materials and Substances Program
Workplace Monitoring


Section 11: Disability Management


 Disability Management


Section 12: OH&S Program Evaluation

SD54 - Safety Audit 2005


Section 13: Ergonomic