Videos 1-5

Video 1: Seeing the Witsuwit'en

Introduction to the video series by the creator, Tyler McCreary. He shares the dusting off of the old video from 1929 called the Carrier Indians of British Columbia; and how the elders and chiefs worked with Tyler to reclaim the video from the past through a series of interviews.

Archive Video: Carrier Indians of British Columbia

This video was created in the 1920's; during a time when there was an assault on First Nations' sovereignty by the federal government. It was against the law for First Nations to gather or to keep their children home from Residential Schools, etc. You will find some negative images in this film that were aimed to educate the audiences that viewed these silent films. Today, we are using these films as the foundation to help create a more complete image of the Witsuwit'en. This video will take a few minutes to download.

Video 2: Clans and their Territories

Tyler interviews Violet Gellenbeck, Lucy Verigin, Ron Austin and Russel Tiljoe about their responsibilities on Witsuwit'en territory.

Video 3: Feast Governance

Mabel Critch shares her familiy's story on the sucession of Chiefs and how the new generations of chiefs inherit the responsibilities of their clan/house territories today.

Video 4: Male Chiefs, Female Chiefs and Children of Chiefs

Violet Gellenbeck, Russel Tiljoe, Ron Austin, Henry Alfred and Herb Naziel share their stories on the grooming of Chiefs and the strengh of the cheifs and their clans.

Video 5: Crests and Blanket

Henry Alfred, Violet Gellenbeck, Ron Austin and John Ridsdale share the complex protocols and laws within the Feast Hall with reference to Crests and Blankets.